Sci Fi writing is a challenge. Especially, when you want to be honest to science and fair to the fictional elements in your story. This is daunting for many wannabe Sci-Fi writers, for they hate to shred the drafts they have worked so hard.

I love that challenge. Many of my drafts are deleted/ versioned , mothballed and archived in an on line free storage drive , that , even if gets hacked, I don’t actually care.

The new drafts come with new challenges as science comes with new developments. Let me remind you, it is not about the technological advancement that you need to grapple with, rather, the basic science that needs to true even if your story is boring.

The story that I am talking about has taken atleast 4 major changes in past 3 years and everytime, it is in the middle of developing the plot, I am alerted about a plausible flaw on the scientific point, I wanted to develop further.

Deleting chapters that had come out well, has never been easy. It is like putting your pet to sleep.

Alright, Chapter 3….


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